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Its for my spanish project... its about mcfly!!!! I'll post what i got so far! Anybody got any good ideas let me know!

Chapter 1

There once was a girl named Alana. She was very obsessed with a British band called McFly. She had all their cds and dvds. The members of McFly are Harry, Tom, Dougie, and Danny is her favorite. Her friends thought she was crazy because all she thought about was McFly. Her friends laughed at her because she started to speak like the members of McFly. Alana listens to McFly songs 24/7. Where ever Alana goes, she always takes her McFly cds with her. Every day afterschool, Alana looks for more news and gossip about McFly. Her room is covered with McFly pictures. There is no room to put up anymore pictures.

Chapter 2
Is That McFly?

Its Wednesday and at Alana’s school, there is a riot going on. Lindsay Lohan is at her school! She couldn’t believe it when her friends told her. What surprised Alana the most is that McFly is there to! When she saw that no one is around McFly, she took her chances to talk to them.

Alana: Hey, It looks like you guys are bored.
Harry: Yes, it sucks that no one here in the United States knows us.
Alana: Strange, because I love you guys!
(All four members get surprised looks on their faces).
Danny: Wait, what?
Alana: Yes, I heard about you guys through Busted and then I started liking you guys more. I don’t get why people say you guys and Busted are both alike. Because you are not!

Tom: Thankyou! Hey, do you have to go to your classes?
Alana: I don’t have a sixth period. Why?
Dougie: Because we want to hang out and talk with you! You’re awesome for liking us! Yes! We have a United States fan!
Alana: Actually, fans. There’s more people here that love you guys.
Harry: In this school?
Alana: I think I’m the only one in this school. But people all over the United States loves you guys!

Chapter 3

So Alana and McFly went to hang out at the beach and talk about how many others love them. Approximately 10,000 in the Unites States do.

Dougie: Wow! That’s a lot of people!
Danny: Just great! I’m hungry now.
Tom: Then go eat something.
Danny: Just the thing. I don’t have any money.
Harry: That’s your fault.
Alana: I got three dollars, if you want it.

Danny: No, I can’t just take your money.
Tom: You can if you invite her to England with us.
Alana: What? İ’m confused. What’s going on?
Danny: Yes! Great idea, Tom! Come to England with is Alana! It would be splendid.
Alana: You guys are funny. Nice joke.
Dougie: I don’t think we are joking.
(Alana has a shocked look on her face).
Tom: We leave on Friday, so you will you come with us?
Alana: Of course, I will! Who wouldn’t?

Chapter 4
Yes or No?

McFly’s manager, Fletch, pick up McFly and Alana to go and ask Alana’s parents if she can go to England. Alana’s house if a beautiful three bedroom house with two floors. The top floor is all Alana’s with her own queen size room, bathroom and walk in closet.

Alana: Well this is my house.
Dougie: Ha, our house is bigger!
Tom: Shut up!
(Tom smacks Dougie upside his head).
Dougie: Yes, but, Your is much much cleaner.
Alana: This is my parents, Kala and Malahni.
Malahni and Kala: Hi.
Fletch: Hi. We are here to invite Alana to England with us. As one of our United States fans, its our honor to bring her with us to England, show her around, and bring her along to our concerts.
Alana: Daddy please?
Kala: Wow! I bet this is what you have been waiting for. Right, Alana?
Alana: Heck yes!
Danny: So is it ok?

Kala and Malahni both look at eachother, and nodd their heads. Alana goes and gives each of them big hugs and says thankyou non stop.

Malahni: So, when do you leave?
Tom: Let’s see. We were thinking tomorrow, because that is when we head back home to England.
Danny: Is it fine?
Kala: I wonder how this would go with your school Alana. Would it be fine?
Fletch: Well, when the boys called me on the phone to tell me of this invitation, I first when to her school to check it was okay, and it was.
Alana: Yes!
Kala: Okay then, for how long would she be with you all?

Harry: One month.
Dougie: If it is okay.
Danny: Please be okay?
Alana: Yes, Daddy please?
Kala: Okay, its fine with me.
Malahnie: I guess you should start packing.
Alana: I love you mom and dad!
Fletch: How about this. We go and get ready to leave in the morning and then pick you up in the morning at about 8:00 in the morning.
Alana: Fine with me!
Tom: Alright, we will see you in the morning Alana!
McFly: Bye!

Chapter 5
Before Take Off

Its 8:00 in the morning and McFly come by to pick up Alana and now they are off to the airport. McFly does not know about Alana’s fear of flying, so she is pannicking. While all of this is going on, Danny has not stopped starring at Alana. He is starting to have feelings for her.

Danny: What is wrong Alana?
Alana: I have a fear of flying.
Dougie: Oh, do not worry, because I do, too.
Alana: So, why are you not panicking right now?
Dougie: Because our plane is awesome! It got everything you need.
Danny: Look, just look inside the plane and you will right at home.

Alana steps into the plane, and she is amazed at the beauty of the plane and how it does look like home.

Alana: I think I am going to need the air sickness tablet.
Dougie: Do not worry. I have a lot, because remember, I am afraid of flying too.
Harry: Plus, he throws up a lot on the plane.
Dougie: I do not!
Tom: Yes you do!
Alana: *giggles.* You guys are so funny!

Chapter 6
In the Air

Fletch is by the window on his labtop trying to book Alana into a hotel in England. Dougie and Harry are fighting for the last piece of poptarts. Tom is sleeping while listening to his headphones. Danny and Alana are talking about the websites that she and other people, who are into McFly, run and how many people are members of them.

Alana: Err. Fletch?
(Fletch looks up from his labtop).
Alana: Where am I gonna stay at?
Fletch: I am looking for a hotel to book you into and I think I just found one.
Danny: Wait, You are just going to let her stay at a place where she does not know.
Alana: And have not been to.
Danny: And not know where to go when she gets bored?
Fletch: Huh. I never thought of that.

Harry says while eating the last poptart: She is our guest. Why don’t she just stay with us?
Dougie: Yes. We can let her stay in the room of James.
Alana: Wait. James from Busted? Cool.
Danny: You know Busted too?
Alana: Of course I do. I heard of you guys through them. I cried when they broke up. Stupid Charlie. I want to kick his ass.
Harry: Would you cry if we broke up?
(Alana nodds her head up and down).
Danny: Well, I feel so special.

Fletch: Well, the house is yours. So, do what you please? But ask Tom first. You know how he gets when you guys do not ask his for him opinion.

(Harry throws water at Tom’s face to wake him up).
Harry: Wake up Tom! We need your opinion!!!
Tom: What is your problem!
Dougie: Can Alana stay in the room of James with us?
Tom: You did not have to wake me up for that!!
Alana: Yikes. Somebody is in a bad mood.

Chapter 7
About to land

Its about one hour until they land. Danny and Alana are talking to one another and laughing. All of a sudden, he kisses her. In shock, Alana replies...

Alana: Wow... What was that for?
Danny: Err, sorry. I felt like doing that, because we seemed to be in the moment.
Alana: In the moment for what?
Danny: Umm...Kissing?
Alana: Really?

(The pilot comes on the speakers).
Pilot 1: We have one hour to land.
Pilot 2: If you get air sickness, I suggest you take your medicine.
Pilot 1: Dougie!

Dougie: Oh right. Nice thinking Mr. Pilots!
Alana: Hey, Dougie! You have any extra tablets?
Dougie: Yes, I do. Did you run out of them?
Alana: Yes. I’m so stupid, I bought only one packet, which had two tablets in them.
Dougie: *laughs.*

Chapter 8
Landing Time

The seat buckle sign dings and turns red and everyone starts buckling their seat belts. Alana puts her head phones on, because music calms her down when she is on an airplane. Danny elbows her.

Danny: Listening to the cd player will mess up the radio frecuency for the pilots.
Alana: I am not listening to the radio. I am listening to my cd.
Danny: Oh. Are you listening to us?
Alana: No.
Danny: Why not?
(Alana looks at Danny with a annoyed face expression on).

Alana: Because I am hanging out with you guys, so I really do not need to listen to your music.
Danny: Oh, okay. What are you listening to?
Alana: Evanescence.
Danny: Can I listen?
Alana: Okay.

Alana gives Danny one of the head phones and pushes play on her cd player. Tourniquet, comes on, and Danny gets scared, because the music starts very loudly. Danny gives back her head phone.

Danny: Erm... I am fine.
Alana: *laughs.*

Chapter 9

Alana: Oh my god! Look at all those people! They are your fans, right?
Harry: We kind of told our friends, who told their friends, who told their friends, that you were coming as our guest.
Dougie: Yes, and now everyone knows!
Alana: Wow.
Fletch: Okay, we have to get through all of these people. Boys, no signing any autographs. Okay?
(McFly starts whining).

Chapter 10
The McFly House

Alana: Hey. What if James is here? Where would he sleep?
Tom: He is not going to be here, because he is working with his new band.
Alana: Oh right. Can I meet them?
Tom: Ummm...
Alana: Tom, I was only joking. But if you can introduce me to them, that would be awesome.
Tom: We will see.

Fletch: Alright. Boys do not scare Alana. Do not act like wild animals like you guys always do. Be polite and be good.
Dougie: *burps.*
Fletch: What did I just say?
Alana: Do not worry. I burp, too, and sometimes I do not say excuse me.
Harry: That is not lady like.
Alana: So what? I do not want to wear dresses and corsets like some lady like people do.
Harry: Corsets are in the past.
Alana: Shhhhh.

Fletch: Bye everyone.
Everyone: Bye Fletch.
Tom: Alright, let’s show you to James’ room.
(everyone walks to james’ room)
Alana: Wow, this is huge and kind of dirty.
Danny: Yes, James’ does not clean.
Dougie: Yes, so you could just throw his stuff to a corner or something.
Alana: Okay, I’m tired, so i’ll go to sleep then.
Dougie: But its day time.
Alana: Not in California. Its not time there. So, HA!
Dougie: huh?

Chapter 11
Morning at the McFly House

Alana wakes up in the morning and looks at the time. Then is shocked that its barely 8 in the morning. She realizes that she slept way too much. She walks down the kitchin, where she sees Harry eating cereal.

Harry: Good morning.
Alana: Hi.
Harry: You slept a lot.
Alana: Yes, I know.
Harry: You want cereal?
Alana: Sure. So, what’s going to happen today?

Harry: I don’t know. Ask Tom.
Alana: I wonder, can you guys, or one of you, show me around England?
Harry: Erm, depends on where you’ll like to go.
Alana: I don’t know. Anywhere.
Danny: Me and Dougie will show you around England.
Dougie: Yes! It’ll be fun!
Alana: Oh, okay. What time?
Dougie: After breakfast.

Alana: Okay. I’m done.
Tom: Done what?
Alana: Done eating.
Dougie: Yes. Me and Danny going to show her around England.
Tom: Why?
Alana: Because I want someone to.
Tom: Okay.
Alana: I’m going to go back upstairs and change.

Chapter 12
In James/Alana’s Room

Danny: *knocks on the door* Are you decent?
Alana: Yes, come on in.
Danny: Wow, you cleaned up here a bit.
Alana: Yes, it kind of smelled.
Danny: *laughs,* yes, that’s James’ room.
Danny: Hey look about on the plane, forget about it. Okay?
Alana: Forget about what?
Danny: When I kissed you.
Alana: Oh, that.
Alana: *Moves towards Danny* Why did you kiss me again?
Danny: I don’t know. I felt like it, probably.

Alana: That’s all?
Danny: What, you want their to be more?
Alana: I don’t care. I would love to date a celebrity thought.
Danny: *moves closer towards Alana* Then, would you date me?
Alana: Is that a question you’re willing to ask or you just want to know what I think?
Danny: I’m asking for you to be my girlfriend.
Alana: Isn’t there like a rule to not date your fans?
Danny: No, not that I know of.
Alana: Then, yes I would.
Danny: Sweet. Now all I got to do is get Dougie not to come with us.

Dougie: Why?
(Both Alana and Danny jump).
Danny: Erm...
(Alana and Danny both look away).
Dougie: Is there something you guys are hiding?
Dougie: Are you guys going to get me a present, that’s why you don’t want me to go with you guys?
Danny: Yes. That’s why.
(Alana looks at Danny in confusion).
Dougie: Okay. Get me a car. I really want that!
Danny: We’ll see.
Dougie: Really? A car!

Chapter 13
About to Leave to Explore England

Dougie leaves and then Danny shuts the door. Alana looks at him in confusion and wonders why Danny didn’t just tell Dougie the truth.

Alana: Wait. What was that all about?
Danny: He’s not going.
Alana: *Grabs Danny’s arm.* Yes, I know he’s not, but why did you lie, and say we are getting him a present?
(Danny is quiet and just standing and moving side ways).
Alana: There is a rule not to date your fans, huh?
Danny: There’s no rule.
Alana: Then why didn’t you say the truth.
Danny: Because they are going to be on our case.
Alana: So?
Danny: I don’t know.
Alana: Oh whatever. Let’s just go.

Danny holds his hand out to Alana so they could hold hands. Alana gets her stuff, holds on to his hand, and are out the door of her room.

Alana: Wait. Don’t I need money?
Danny: Don’t worry, I got you.
Alana: You sure?
Danny: Yes, that’s what boyfriends do, right, or am I just doing it wrong?
Alana: Yes, that’s what you guys do. Thank you.
Danny: Anything for you.

Right when they are about to walk out her bedroom door again. Harry pops out of nowhere and is looking at Alana and Danny holding hands.

Harry: OH MY GOD!
Danny: *Lets go of Alana’s hand.* Shhhh!!!
Harry: I’m telling Fletch.
Danny: Wait, what?
Harry: You’re in big trouble Danny.
Alana: Oh my god, you aren’t suppose to date fans.
(Alana hits Danny on the arm).
Alana: You lied to me again.
Danny: What? No!
Harry: No, he can date fans.

Alana: So, why are you telling Fletch?
Harry: He just can’t date you.
Alana: What? Why not!
Harry: Fletch told all of us to treat you like a younger sister of ours, not like a regular fan.
Alana: What the heck? That’s not fair.
Harry: He’s going to kill you Danny, when I tell him you two are together.
Alana: You see, you’re not going to do such thing.
(Alana walks over you Harry in an angry mood, pointing her finger at him).
Harry: Ummm, yes I am.

Harry starts to walk away and then Alana gets all upset and depressed because she never had relationship that was good with anyone, because she keeps on falling for jerks. She sits down on the floor in the hallway, and Danny starts wondering why she’s like this.

Danny: Harry, look what you did now!
Harry: What? *Looks at Alana.*
Harry: Ummm... you’re a scary fan.
Alana: Oh my god! Its got nothing to do with if i’m a McFly fan or not. I just always fall for jerks and always get my heart broken because non of them like me. I only had two relationships and they didn’t even last more than a week, because all they wanted was something I couldn’t give them.
Danny: What’s that?
Alana: How do you make babies?
Harry: Oh. That sucks.

Alana: Yes it does. So don’t ruin this for me.
Harry: *Looks down.* Sorry.
Alana: Plus, my parents don’t let me have boyfriends, so now I can be free because they aren’t around.
Danny: Wait. Then how did you go out with your past relationships?
Alana: Secretly.
Danny: Oh, Cool.
Alana: So, Harry can you not tell Fletch and let us go now?
Harry: Go where?

Danny: I’m going to show her around England.
Harry: How?
Alana: What do you mean?
Harry: I mean how? Walking?
Danny: Yes?
Harry: So, you’re okay to get girls surrounding the two of you and screaming and touching you?
Danny: No.
Alana: You got a better idea?
Harry: Yes. Get one of our drivers to take you two.
Danny: Smart one Harry. Just one thing. I don’t have their Numbers!
Harry: Don’t sweat it. I do. I’ll call them for you guys.
Alana: Thanks Harry!

Chapter 14
McFly Driver Arrives

Harry: The driver is here!
Tina: Yay! Thank you Harry!
Danny: You’re a big life saver.
(Tina’s cell phone starts to ring).
Dougie: What’s that?
Tina: My cell phone.
Dougie: I thought it can’t work here.
Tina: It can’t, but texting can.
Danny: Who is it?
Tina: Its my best friend Malahnie.
Danny: okay. Look while we’re in the car.
Tina: Okay.

Chapter 15
In the Car

Tina reads her text from Malahnie, which said how she was doing and to tell Malahnie everything that happened. Tina texts Malahnie back saying that everything is awesome and that she has a boyfriend. After one minute, Malahnie texts her back asking who is the special guy. Tina then texts her back saying that its Danny Jones from McFly. Malahnie texts Tina back saying she doesn’t believe her.

Tina: Aw. My friend, Malahnie doesn’t believe that your my boyfriend.
Danny: You told her?
Tina: Yes. I’ve known her since kindergarden. Don’t worry, she doesn’t even know who Fletch is. Only that he’s McFly’s manager.

Danny: Okay. So, she doesn’t believe you?
Tina: Nope.
Danny: What’s her phone number?
Tina: Why?
Danny: I’m going to call her saying that what you said is true, that I am your boyfriend.
Tina: Its going to cost a lot, because your going to call all the way in California.
Danny: So? What’s the number?
Tina: Its 154-310-801-9592.
Danny: That’s a long number.
Tina: It includes the state extension number, so yes.

Danny: Hey, this is Danny from McFly, Tina’s boyfriend.
Malahnie on the phone: What?
Danny: Tina tells me that you don’t believe that i’m her boyfriend. Do you believe now?
Malahnie on the phone: No.
Danny: WHAT?
Malahnie on the phone: I need proof. Not just your voice.
Danny: Fine.

Danny to the driver: Jack do you still have the internet in this car?
Jack the driver: Yes. Just pull the flap on the seat in front of you.
Tina: Cool.
Danny to Malahnie: Okay. What’s your email.
Malahnie on the phone: I’m not telling you! Who knows, maybe you’re a crazy stalker.
Tina: Its tiger2488@msn.com.
Malahnie on the phone: I heard that Tina.

Tina: *Takes the phone from Danny.* Yes, you did. So, that means this is proof.
Malahnie on the phone: No it doesn’t mean anything.
Tına: Dude! You know he’s right next to me.
Danny: Hugging and kissing her on the cheek.
Tina: *giggles.* Yes. So. Now you believe me?
Malahnie on the phone: No.
Tina: Fine then. Be like that. What if he knows Orlando Bloom. If he does, I’m not introducing you to him, so HA!
Malahnie on the phone: CRAP! I believe you! I’m sorry!
Tina: *Giggles.* You better.
Malahnie on the phone: Okay, I have to go to class, bye!
Tına: Bye!


... if you guys have any pics that would go with each page that would be also helpful! This is due on Thursday... and I need it done... I only got 2 pics for page 1 and 2.

love ya all!!!

<3 Tina
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